Napa Valley Grapegrowers Announces One-Day Summit

rootstock ROOTSTOCK is a revolutionary conference designed for top quality grapegrowers, vineyard and winery owners, and winemakers worldwide. Admission prices vary. Napa Valley Expo November 13, 2014. This inaugural one-day summit combines Napa’s past stellar events – the Wine + Grape EXPO and Viticulture Fair – into one powerful annual showcase connecting vineyard practices to wine quality. Timed just as the 2014 harvest finishes and the industry begins to look towards the future, ROOTSTOCK provides access to high-level, provocative seminars and industry experts, wine trials and tastings, and an exclusive exhibition featuring over 120 of the industry’s highest quality viticulture and enology companies. A “Concept Bar” will showcase progressive ideas, methods, and equipment designed to further quality and advance industry practices. Learn about new products and technologies like “Dri-Water”, which holds potable water in a solid form and can be applied to plants in a variety of settings and applications. Dri-Water uses cellulose gum suspended as a gel, which is placed in the soil, where naturally occurring microbes feed on the cellulose, degrading the gel and making the water available to the plant. Another inventive product you can check out at the Concept Bar is “Cool Planet BioChar”, a specialized form of charcoal suitable for use as a soil amendment (typically combined with compost) to increase agricultural crop yields and conserve nutrients and water. Biochar has a unique physical structure, with millions of tiny pores that hold the nutrients and water for plant roots to access. In many ways it acts like a coral reef, functioning as a natural sanctuary and incubator by creating infrastructure for billions of organisms to thrive. To learn more about this exciting event, click Here.

Held in conjunction with the ROOTSTOCK, the Leadership & Best Practices Education Program is a 2-day series provided by the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation that provides leadership and management training, and viticulture sessions focused on increasing the knowledge and skill set of Napa County farmworkers. Sessions are taught in Spanish.